Thursday, 26 July 2012

Nutrition, Eating Clean and making it a Lifestyle

What an amazing day! Make sure you are in check with your whole self today.
Of course, the biggest of them all - NUTRITION. Check!
A good night's sleep - check!
Letting go of hurt, hang up, past, and all regret. Check!
Fueling your body with amazing healthy food but don't forget that it's all in moderation. What's that you say?
Yep, that 's right.....deprivation is not a word in my nutriti...onal practice! On that note, I am SUPER excited to have a date with my hubby tomorrow night. Yummy food and a tall glass of shiraz goodness. That's consider my cheat for Friday.....but you have to be good for the ENTIRE day in order to truly deserve it....and then you relish in it as pure bliss because you can. It's your payoff for a job well done this week sticking to your clean eating lifestyle. Consider that another notch in your belt (that you won't!
Have a healthy and happy day!

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