Thursday, 9 August 2012

Why Won’t the Scale Budge?!?!

It's time to get real with ourselves and fess up to some of the very reasons we slip up while trying to lose weight and get healthy.  BUT - don't be hard on yourself - after all, we are all human (we are far from perfect) and the key to success is consistency.

I taught this seminar a while back when I was in the pharmacy industry and the positive feedback was enormous.  It's ok to come out of the closet and confront the very things that create fear in us.  It's these stumbling blocks that make us the person we are today.  What's the real underlying feeling you are trying to hide by eating something you know you shouldn't?  Is there an addiction to food or the feeling that a particular food will give you when you give in and indulge?  There is a reason we do the things we do.  Recognize the lesson to be learned, not the slap on the wrist you think you deserve.  You are a person with great potential. Let me help you find your awesomeness!!! 


The formula for successful weight loss is deceptively simple. To lose weight you must burn off more energy than you take in from food. You will lose one pound of body fat each week, every time you eat 500 fewer calories daily than your body burns off.  However, there are always stumbling blocks.

8 Reasons As To What’s Really Going On? (And Solutions You Can Live With)

Reason 1: We're not honest and do not come clean with ourselves regarding portion sizes.
Solution: Start a food journal.  It is a sure fire way for you and your nutritional advisor to pinpoint pitfalls and get back on the straight and narrow.  It doesn’t have to be forever!

Reason 2: We eat way too much (saturated)fat and not enough Essential Fats (EFA’s).
Solution: Generally speaking, the less processed or prepared your food, the lower its fat content.  Go back to basics.

Reason 3: We never or rarely eat breakfast.
Solution:  It is THE best metabolic boost of the day that starts the burning of calories and sets the pace for the rest of the day.

Reason 4: We fill up on garbage rather than healthful produce and better choices.
Solution:  Make a point to plan ahead and prepare snacks for on the go.  Take baggies of food in the car with you that you can turn to when hunger or cravings hit hard (slices of chicken, bell peppers and hummus, fresh fruit, a protein bar, tuna packs (singles).

THE TOP TEN HEALTHY CHOICES FOR PROTEIN (This is what rev’s the fireof metabolism)
  1. Chicken Breast - 3.5 oz., 30 grams of protein (Go with the 99% fat-free boneless, skinless variety for the leanest choice.)
  2. Turkey - About 7 grams of protein per ounce
  3. Tuna - 6 oz. can, 35 grams of protein
  4. Salmon - 3.5 oz., 27 grams of protein
  5. Eggs - 1 large, 7 grams of protein
  6. Milk - 1 cup, 8 grams of protein (Go with 1% or skim)
  7. Cottage Cheese - 1/2 cup, 15 grams of protein
  8. Almonds, Peanuts, Cashews - 1/4 cup, 8grams, 9 grams, 5 grams of protein
  9. Peanut Butter - 2 Tablespoons, 8 grams of protein
  10. Yogurt - 8-12 grams of protein per cup.  Greek has up to 18 g/svg (READ YOUR LABELS)
Reason 5:  Most people eat less than one serving a day of whole-grain products (giving you fiber, carbs, vitamins and minerals.) or they consume WAY TOO MUCH of these.
Solution:  SKIP THE WHITE!!  Avoid white rice, pasta, bread and limit white potatoes. 

Reason 6:  We skimp on calcium. Recent studies from the Univ. of Tennessee showed that getting enough calcium (1200 mg/day) may help us lose weight, but those sources must come from dairy, not supplements.
Solution:  Strive for 3 servings of low fat dairy throughout the day.

Reason 7:  We don't know beans about legumes….low fat, high fibre and high in protein.
Solution:  Beans provide the feeling of fullness for hours while providing complete nutrition.  Complement beans with whole grains that will give you the protein you require.

Reason 8:  We're addicted to sugar.  Sugar’s effects are similar to those of many drugs, and can become an addiction.  The average person consumes 158 lbs per year.  That’s more than 10X more than is recommended.
Solution:  CUT IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

Why do we crave for food?
There are three basic factors responsible for food craving:

·      Hormonal Imbalance

·         Dieting

·         Adrenal fatigue ........and countless others.

What are the signs of adrenal fatigue?
  • Tendency to gain weight and unable to loose it, especially around the waist.
  • High frequency of getting the flu and other respiratory diseases and these symptoms  tend to last longer than usual.
  • Tendency to tremble when under pressure.
  • Reduced sex drive.
  • Lightheaded when rising from a laying down position.
  • Unable to remember things.
  • Lack of energy in the mornings and also in the afternoon between 3 to 5 pm.
  • Feel  better suddenly for a brief period after a meal.
  • Often feel tired  betweeen 9 - 10 pm, but resist going to bed.
  • Need coffee or stimulants to get going in the morning.
  • Crave for salty, fatty, and high protein food such as  meat and cheese.
  • Increase symptoms of PMS for women; period are heavy and then stop, or almost stopped on the 4th day, only to start flow again on the 5th or 6th day.
  • Pain in the upper back or neck with no apparent reasons .
  • Feels better when stress is relieved, such as on a vacation.
  • Difficulties  in getting up in the morning
  • Lightheaded

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